Rove’s Out, But What’s Next?

So Karl Rove’s out as Bush’s Brain, and as I read the CNN report on his resignation, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s next for Rove. After he got done blubbering like a walrus, he said he’s going to spend his free time writing a book and teaching. Now as much as I’d love to see Karl Rove fade into infamy, I just don’t see that happening. Ben Brothers over at Badger Blues is predicting Rove will end up with the Giuliani campaign, and I think it’s safe to say Karl Rove’s “retirement” won’t last long.

Ben brings up some really valid points about why he thinks Rove will end up with Giuliani campaign, but I’m inclined to believe Rove’s going to end up with someone like Senator Sam Brownback or possibly Mike Huckabee. Senator Brownback has solid conservative credentials, and campaign strikes me as the more likely destination for Karl Rove, since Senator Brownback’s already shown he’s not afraid to go negative, a hallmark of a Karl Rove campaign. After Brownback’s solid showing in the Iowa Republican straw poll, his campaign could start to pick up momentum, and if his attacks against Mitt Romney’s record on abortion gain traction, Senator Brownback could start to gain ground at Romney’s expense.


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