Lawton to Lead Historic Drive for Workforce Wellness

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton will lead Wisconsin’s largest-ever observance of National Depression Screening Day, hosting events in Madison and Green Bay today. She will be joined by representatives of major employers and organizations to announce record-setting participation in employee depression screening. It’s estimated that as many as one million people in Wisconsin live with depression. Depression impacts their daily lives, their families, their ability to work, and their productivity. That makes it a tremendous drain on Wisconsin’s economy, because a healthy, happy workforce our workforce is our competitive edge, and we need a workforce that is healthy and happy.

Lt. Governor Lawton has organized a free, completely confidential online mental health screening as part of National Depression Screening Day, available at Lt. Governor Lawton’s website. National Depression Screening Day is designed to identify mental health concerns in the workplace in an effort to improve employee productivity and build a better workforce for Wisconsin.


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