Taylor’s In.

Earlier today, State Senator Lena Taylor announced she is running for Milwaukee County Executive, confirming what’s been one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s worst-kept secrets. Even though her announcement is less than twelve hours old, Taylor’s already begun picking up support from prominent Democrats, with Governor Jim Doyle calling Taylor a “great candidate.” In addition, State Democratic Party Chair Joe Wineke has said he plans on endorsing Taylor within the next few days.

I think this is going to be one of the more entertaining races to watch during the 2008 election season, with Taylor and incumbent County Executive Scott Walker holding starkly contrasting positions on many of the issues that will no doubt be at the forefront of the race. Walker and his supporters will no doubt attempt to paint Taylor as a “tax and spend liberal” – and in fact that drumbeat has already started over at Badger Blogger. To be honest, if I were a conservative – and thank God I’m not – I’d be worried about Lena Taylor running against Scott Walker, because I’m willing to bet she’s going to be able to mobilize City of Milwaukee voters to cast their votes for her, and without a significant amount of votes from the City of Milwaukee, Scott Walker can kiss this race goodbye. If I were Lena Taylor, I’d spend some time talking about Scott Walker’s record of deception, from his promise not to run in 2008 to his veto of a voter referendum on taxes, after he previously said he supported referendums. Scott Walker’s a liar and a terrible County Executive, and I I think Scott Walker’s got little chance of prevailing.

However, if there’s an upside for Walker in losing to Lena Taylor, at least he’ll have plenty of free time to plan his run to succeed Jim Sensenbrenner as the U.S. Congressman for the Fifth Congressional District.


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  1. The denizens of the dark over at Fraley’s Takes are also doing the same old tired song and dance of “tax and spend liberal”.

    And if F. James decides not to give up his just yet, perhaps Mr. Walker could get a job at HOC, the mental health complex, or McDonald’s.

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