What’s The Plan?

So who said this:

“Coordination among law enforcement agencies is not rocket science,” said another Republican. “It doesn’t take years to make happen. It takes leadership.”

If you guessed J.B. Van Hollen, then you’re the winner! Attorney General Van Hollen wrote that in his 2006 campaign blog, touting his plan for reducing Milwaukee’s crime rate. What’s curious about that quote is that we’re almost to 2008, and yet we still haven’t seen a tangible plan from JBVH to address Milwaukee’s situation.

During his campaign, JBVH talked about implementing a “Multi-jurisdictional Action Team” that would bring together federal, state and city law enforcement agencies to put “more boots on the ground” in Milwaukee, with the desired result being the neutralization of thugs who use guns to commit crimes. Since the election, the team JBVH talked about putting together has yet to materialize, it doesn’t look as if JBVH’s plan is going to be implemented anytime soon, with a Van Hollen spokesman saying, “I expect it is something that will be done next year.” I can’t help but wonder, since a spokesman for JBVH is saying something won’t be done until next year, if that means JBVH isn’t a rocket scientist, since he couldn’t get this done sooner than a few years into his term in office.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m hoping JBVH is going to show some leadership and make something happen, because I know a lot of folks in Milwaukee who deserve more than lip service from someone trying to win an election; they deserve a real plan that gets real results.


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1 thought on “What’s The Plan?

  1. obviously we should just lock up all the brown people, problem solved.

    but seriously, how about at least a gun collection drive or something? come on JBVH, its not that hard – any idiot could do a better job than you.

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