Liar Liar, Pants on Fire!

So Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Michael Gableman has said his campaign will not resort to dishonest attack ads during the race between him and Louis Butler, but given the revelations that Gableman may have gotten his seat due to some generous campaign donations to former Governor Scott McCallum, can he really be trusted?

I’m thinking not, considering the fact that despite his promise to run a clean campaign, Gableman’s already pulling out all the stops in his attempt to unseat Butler. What’s more, surrogates of Michael Gableman have spreading blatant lies in regards to with Justice Butler’s vote in the case of to the case of Richard A. Brown, a sexual predator whose petition for supervised release had been denied in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, resulting in an appeal. The attack in question follows:

Louis Butler provided the deciding vote to overturn a sexual predator decision by a circuit court, resulting in the release of the predator into Milwaukee County.

Quite a damning attack on its face, except for the fact that Richard A. Brown was never released from custody at any point. Further, Justice Butler didn’t cast the “deciding” vote – he simply joined the majority decision.

So if Michael Gableman can’t be counted on to keep his word, and he can’t be trusted to go through the proper channels to get his job, how can he be counted on to act ethically as a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice?


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