Promises Kept, Promises Broken

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming election for County Executive, and a great entry by the Brawler got me to thinking about the promises Scott Walker‘s kept – and the ones he’s broken – during his time as Milwaukee County Executive, so I came up with a little list.

Promises Scott Walker’s Kept Since 2002:

  • Will not allow the 2003 tax levy to increase. In future years, will try to hold tax increases to rate of inflation or below. – Sure, he’s kept the tax levy down during his time in office, but at what price? Our parks are in an escalating period of decline, the jail and House of Corrections have been woefully mismanaged, and cuts have been made to child support and the county zoo, not to mention the parks system.

Promises Scott Walker’s Broken Since 2002:

  • Walker says he won’t stay as county executive beyond 2008, when he’d be 42, and may one day pursue a business career. – MJS; March 29, 2002
  • Will not serve for more than one full term (no longer than 2008) – MJS; May 1, 2002
  • Oppose any rail-based transportation system, including any to link attractions in downtown Milwaukee. – Now I suppose this is a broken promise I can live with, since he’s listed as a supporter of the KRM Commuter rail line.
  • Require that any non-union employees under control of executive sign a waiver of Milwaukee County’s pension “buyback” program “as a condition of their continued employment. – Yet those buybacks continued 5 years into his tenure as County Executive.

With a record like this, why would anyone willingly support Scott Walker’s re-election?


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  1. Geez, Zach. You’re getting pretty mild in your old age.:) There is lots more that Walker broke his promises on.

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