Hillary Clinton’s Experience Factor

As the Democratic presidential campaign has heated up, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has touted her wealth of foreign policy experience – as both a First Lady and a Senator – as proof she passes the “presidential threshold” while citing Senator Barack Obama’s relative lack of foreign policy experience as yet another reason he’s not fit to serve. As if to back up her claims of foreign policy experience, Hillary Clinton has taken some credit for a number of accomplishments during the Clinton White House, and she’s also “embellished” her foreign policy experiences in Bosnia as First Lady. Here’s a little clip from YouTube that illustrates my point regarding the visit to Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia:

Faced with proof she wasn’t dodging sniper fire and running to her car, Hillary Clinton is now saying she “misspoke” regarding the visit to Tuzla Air Base. What I love is how despite being caught in a blatant lie, Clinton just can’t be honest and admit she lied, instead using the cop-out phrase that she “misspoke.” What’s worse, Clinton has relayed this same story regarding her visit to Tuzla Air Base on more than one occasion, undermining her claim she simply “misspoke.” On their own, Clinton’s comments regarding her trip to Tuzla aren’t damning, but when combined with her track record of embellishing her record of accomplishment as First Lady, a pattern begins to emerge.

Take, for example, Hillary’s claims to have played a key role in negotiating the Good Friday Accords:

“I went [to Northern Ireland] more than my husband did. I was working to help change the atmosphere among people because leaders alone rarely make peace. They have to bring people along who believe peace is in their interests. I remember a meeting that I pulled together in Belfast, in the town hall there, bringing together for the first time Catholics and Protestants…”

According to biographer Sally Bedell Smith, who spent three years researching the Clinton White House and is author of the book, “For Love of Politics:”

“I noticed in the debate the other night that she said she had played a role in the Irish Peace Process, the Northern Ireland peace process,” Smith said. “But in fact, there really is no evidence that she participated in any negotiations that led to the Good Friday Accords.

Dick Morris has also refuted Clinton’s claims, pointing out that Clinton makes no mention of her heavy involvement in the Irish peace process in her memoir Living History.

I’m sensing a pattern on Hillary Clinton’s part to pad her record to reinforce her assertion she’s more qualified to lead than Barack Obama, and while she may categorize it as “misspeaking,” I’ll call it what it is – blatant lying.


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