On The Issues: Walker and Taylor Talk Crime

All Politics posted an entry earlier tonight highlighting the differences between Lena Taylor and Scott Walker as election day draws closer. What I found most interesting was this particular blurb:

Taylor also criticizes Walker over escapes and walk-aways from the work-release center. Walker puts the blame on judges, saying greater care was needed in who is sentenced there.

I find that particular blurb to be most interesting because it really highlights Scott Walker’s management style: when something goes wrong, blame someone else. Scott Walker’s assertion that judges – and not he as the County Executive – are to blame for poor management and security procedures at the Community Correctional Center is absolutely ludicrous.

What’s more, Walker has provided further proof that his hypocrisy and willingness to lie knows no limits, as evidenced by this ad:

Sure, it’s a mildly amusing take on the ever-popular Apple ads, but what I found most amusing about the ad is Walker’s assertion that he’s diverted money from parks and transit in order to enhance public safety – an assertion that flies in the face of the cold hard reality of things in Milwaukee County. After all, if Scott Walker’s been putting so much money into public safety, how does he explain multiple escapes from county facilities, one of which ended in a murder?


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1 thought on “On The Issues: Walker and Taylor Talk Crime

  1. Actually, Walker blaming the judges is not just shifting the blame. He is also lying.

    Even if an inmate is allowed Huber priveleges in his sentencing, he or she does not HAVE to get that privelege if he or she is deemed too much of a risk by security personell. However, due to Walker continuously shorting HOC over the last six years, administration there had no choice but put riskier inmates in the program to keep from violating overcrowding laws.

    Walker knows that. He just doesn’t want the public to know that.

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