A Star in His Own Mind

Kevin Fischer has an awfully high opinion of himself, as evidenced by his recent assertion that’s a multi-genre star:

This is Kevin Fischer.

Star of TV.

Star of radio.

Star of the blogs.

Now call me crazy, but by my definition, hosting one weekly show on PBS does not make one a “star of TV.”

And call me crazy, but serving as a fill-in host on WISN radio when the regular guy is sick does not make one a “star of radio.”

And as for Fischer being a “star of the blogs,” I don’t know what makes someone a star of the blogs, but based on some of the tired talking points Fischer’s rehashing on his blog, I don’t see him being a “star of the blogs.” There’s plenty of other conservatives folks in the blogosphere who are far more original and insightful than Kevin Fischer, so I have a hard time believing he’s a star of the blogs. I’d also note that it’s easy to think you’re a star on your own blog when you discourage any opinions that differ from your own through the use of your moderator powers to delete comments.

I will give Kevin Fischer credit where credit’s due; he certainly is a star of something, but I don’t think he wants to be known as a “star of exaggeration.”


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5 thoughts on “A Star in His Own Mind

  1. Obsessed? I’ve always thought of Fischer being more possessed than obsessed. I guess that means I can cancel the exorcist.

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