Assassination – It’s No Laughing Matter

Now you or I might find it more than a little inappropriate to joke about assassinating a Presidential candidate – regardless of that candidate’s political leanings – but apparently the possibility of assassinating Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is a joking matter for veteran newswoman and Fox News Channel commentator Liz Trotta, who not only confused Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden, but she went so far as to say both should be killed, if “we” could:

In that brief clip, I counted more than one or two problems with what Trotta said. Obviously the convenient association of Obama and Osama is one issue, and then there’s the HUGE problem with her seeming to be perfectly okay with both being assassinated, as if both Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are somehow worthy of being put to death. Further, who’s the “we” Trotta refers to? Does she think she’s speaking on behalf of more than a few conservatives?

Honestly, I know liberals and conservatives are often vociferous in defense of their beliefs, and I fully realize that sometimes folks from both sides cross the line and say some pretty despicable and out of line things, but this takes the cake.

H/T to Dan Cody over at Left on the Lake.


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