At Least He’s Not Drinking Beer…

I suppose urine is better than beer, especially given Fischer’s past predilections, but still….I how desperate does someone have to be to drink urine?

I also found an interesting link to this little nugget from the latest edition of Murphy’s Law in my emailbox this morning:

-Has controversial legislative aide and Channel 10 pundit Kevin Fischer been discussing the proposal to increase drunk driving penalties without disclosing that he has past violations? Fairly Conservative offers an expose.

Cindy over at Fairly Conservative has done a great job of shining a little light on some of Mr. Fischer’s shenanigans in the blogosphere and as a state employee, and while I haven’t done as much leg work as Cindy, I’ve written a few things on Mr. Fischer as well.

I’ve asked Kevin Fischer if he has any comment on the recent mention in Michael Murphy’s column, but as I write this I have not yet received a response.


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