Because Every Time is Like the First Time…

Now I’ve seen my fair share of video of the nastier side of Bill O’Reilly, but no matter how many video clips I see, each time is like the first time. Now maybe I find humor in odd places, but this particular clip made me shoot milk out my nose as I watched it.

Now I have two questions and a statement. First the questions:

Is it just me, or does Bill-O seem like a bit of a prima donna?


What’s with O’Reilly going from zero to full-fledged rage-aholic in the blink of an eye? Did someone not get enough love from mommy as a kid?

And finally, the comment:

Bill O’Reilly sure can drop f-bombs with the best of ’em.


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3 thoughts on “Because Every Time is Like the First Time…

  1. Yeesh. Add to list of people never to piss off, I guess. I’d be afraid he’d put out a contract on me.

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