That’s the charge Kelly Clough is facing after she allegedly stabbed a man last week:

A 27-year-old West Allis woman is facing a charge of mayhem after police say she stabbed a man with a bread knife last week.

The victim, a 27-year-old Milwaukee man, was cut in the back, arms and genital area and required 40 stitches and staples to close the wounds, according to Milwaukee County court records.

Kelly Clough, who was identified as a cook/server at George Webb in an arrest report for the May 19 incident, is being held at the Milwaukee County Jail with bail set at $25,000.

According to online court records, Clough filed for a temporary restraining order against the stabbing victim in July 2005. Electronic court records also show that Clough was convicted on misdemeanor charges of battery and disorderly conduct in 2003.

Throughout my years in the criminal justice system, I’ve not run across anyone who’s been convicted of mayhem, and I’ve often wondered what exactly constitutes mayhem, according to Wisconsin Statutes. Wisconsin Statutes define mayhem as follows:

940.21 Mayhem. Whoever, with intent to disable or disfigure another, cuts or mutilates the tongue, eye, ear, nose, lip, limb or other bodily member of another is guilty of a Class C felony.

What strikes me about the statute is the fact that there has to be an intent to disable or disfigure; it can’t just be the unintended result of the attack, so based on the news report, Clough was likely attempting to disable or disfigure the man’s genitals.

Crazy stuff…


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4 thoughts on “Mayhem

  1. Heh, that’s an elitist statement. In fact the only thing worth visiting in that hick town called Milwaukee, is George Webb’s.

    We had one in Madison for about 6 month. I took the kids there every Thursday night and we bitterly ate our burgers and chili.

  2. I love how H Dubb follows up a supposed “elitist” statement with an elitist statement of his own.

    Having worked at a George Webb’s to pay my way through school, I can say they’re not all bad, though there are some that are quite sketchy.

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