Absolutely Vile, But Somehow Not Surprising

Call me a cynic, tell me I’m jaded, but somehow it’s not surprising to me that dad29, a member of the conservative cheddarsphere, seems to think women who sought out doctors for illicit abortions – or who attempted to take matters into their own hands during the days before women were allowed to decide for themselves regarding their reproductive health – may have been mentally ill. I suppose I should be shocked and surprised dad29 would “go there,” but let’s not forget this is the same person who had the unmitigated gall to blame female soldiers for being sexually assaulted by their male counterparts.

what I do find to be most vile about dad29’s post is his assertion that women who attempted to self-induce abortions preRoe were just crazy, and not desperately seeking an end to their pregnancies:

We all know that the coathanger is THE symbol of “bad-old-days” abortions. It is iconic–desperate women had to do something—anything—to become un-pregnant.

But the coathanger bespeaks a syndrome which may not be directly abortion-related. […] It’s a grown-up version of the 2-year-old’s temper tantrum (albeit for those who were abused, it is differently-caused.)

So let’s recap…in dad29’s world – a world full of sweeping generalizations and rife with a “blame the woman” mentality – those women who may have used coat hangers or other implements to terminate their pregnancies preRoe were just having a grown-up temper tantrum.
H/T to Jay over at folkbum as well as all the other folks in the Cheddarsphere who first noticed dad29’s craziness.


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