How far will this go?

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced a resolution last week in the US House of Representatives to impeach President Bush. The Congressman has many articles in his impeachment resolution, from creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacturing a false case for the War in Iraq to imprisoning children.

The Democrats in both chambers on Capitol Hill are strongly against any such impeachment resolution. Speaker Pelosi has repeatedly stated that any attempts wouldn’t be welcomed in the House.

Personally, I find it sad when an American President can be impeached for a lie about sex in the oval office, but not even considered for such an act when there’s a complete political disaster in the country – from multiple wars to potential liberties being taken away to many cover-ups.

I find it puzzling when the limits of what’s “fair game” flex back-and-forth depending on the political party.

With that noted, I expect Kucinich’s resolution to not go very far.


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