John McCain Can’t Keep His Soundbites Straight

I’ve spent a little bit of time here talking about Senator John McCain’s numerous flip-flops throughout his Presidential campaign. First there was the flip-flop on negotiating with terrorists, then there was the flip-flop on how soon he’d bring troops home from Iraq, just to name a couple of the many issues on which John McCain has changed his position. Courtesy of YouTube and Caffeinated Politics comes this “mix tape” of John McCain’s best flip-flops:

Considering how much conservatives attacked Senator John Kerry during the last Presidential election for all his supposed flip-flops, I hope those same folks will now show some consistency and attack John McCain for his multitude of flip-flops.

Given the prevalence of YouTube and other mediums for preserving comments made by politicians, you’d think John McCain’s folks would be a little more savvy when giving him his talking points, because it’s just a matter of time before these constant flip-flops start getting reported by the mainstream media, which up until this point has largely ignored the extent to which John McCain has attempted to reinvent himself through these flip-flops in order to make himself more palatable to the Republican base.


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2 thoughts on “John McCain Can’t Keep His Soundbites Straight

  1. I can never get enough of that video.

    But it raises the question: Who is the real John McCain?

    I have yet to hear one conservative answer that.

  2. capper, it’s funny that you ask that question, because it’s a question I’ve heard lots of conservatives asking about Barack Obama. I think it’s a question that needs answering, because John McCain can’t be everything to everyone, which is what it seems like he’s trying to do.

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