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I found in my emailbox today and I thought it was worth a mention…

Hi Zachary,

My name is Kyle Johnson, and I’m the founder of the make-your-own-bumper-sticker-website Bumperactive.com. I’m writing to give you and Blogging Blue a heads-up about our latest project, “50 Ways To Vote Obama” — in which we’re designing a unique Barack Obama bumper sticker for each state.

We have created 18 stickers so far, including one for Wisconsin. Our aim is to really pull out all the stops with the design of the stickers to reflect the enthusiasm Obama inspires, as well as graphically demonstrate the diversity of voices uniting behind his campaign. You may view the entire collection at:


22 percent of the proceeds from each sale benefits the Obama Campaign, and we’re offering both full-size “bumper-stickers” and six-packs of mini “laptop stickers.” And please do let us know what you think of our design for your state.

Also, we’re more than willing to do multiple designs for a particular state, so if you’ve got a better idea for a Wisconsin Obama sticker –or a sticker for one of the states we haven’t gotten to yet — please let us know, and we’ll add it to the project!

Thanks much for your time and any assistance you’re able to provide,


Kyle Johnson

Now sure, I’m shamelessly shilling for the folks from Bumperactive, but we liberals gotta stick together! Here’s a link to Bumperactive’s web site.


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2 thoughts on “Bumperactive.com – Check It Out!

  1. I have this idea for a bumper sticker. Please use it if you would like:
    “IF YOU LOVE YOUR MAMA, VOTE FOR OBAMA” with a photo of planet earth.

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