Bush’s Derangement

I know the story itself is a few days old, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Despite every indication that our economy isn’t doing as well as many Americans would like, President George W. Bush seems to think there’s a lot of positives about the economy:

“When will the economy turn around? I’m not an economist,” said Bush, responding to a reporter’s question. “But I do believe we’re growing. I’m an optimist, and there are a lot of positive things about our economy.”

That’s a statement I wish I could ask President Bush a few questions about, because I’d like to pick his brain to find out what exactly he thinks are the “a lot of positive things” about the current state of our nation’s economy. Heck, for all we know, maybe President Bush sees gas at four dollars a gallon, rising grocery prices, failing banks, and a rising unemployment rate as positive things.

Now I’m no economist, so I don’t presume to have the answers to all that ails our economy, but I do know one thing – the solution isn’t maintaining a constant state of denial – as we’ve seen from President Bush, nor is the solution a John McCain Presidency.


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