Creationist Pwnage

This link came to my emailbox, courtesy of my friend Kevin.

The link itself takes you to Bad Science, and it highlights an exchange between Richard Lenski, a biologist who recently found evidence for the emergence of new traits among E.coli bacteria, and Andrew Schlafly, a right wing christian activist who also happens to run Conservapedia. The exchange centers around an ongoing experiment run by Lenski, the results of which seem to look a bit like evolution. In the interest of not posting the entire exchange here, I’ll just encourage you all to click the link above and enjoy for yourselves, and if you’re interested in reading more about the experiment itself, here’s a good link that’s not too hard to to read.

Now go….click the first link; you won’t be disappointed!


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2 thoughts on “Creationist Pwnage

  1. I’m the offending party who forwarded the initial link to Zach, and all I can say is this is good stuff. Seriously. This is the stuff that makes the internet great. Well, this and eBay auctions for fake girlfriends and real MiGs, as well as other less appropriate links for this blog.

  2. Kevin, you’re exactly right; it’s stuff like this that makes the internet great.

    Thanks for the email, and keep sending stuff as you find it!

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