Honadel Scores a 36, Brower Raises Bucks

The Wisconsin League of Conservation voters have released their conservation scorecard for members of the Assembly in 2007-2008, and to no one’s surprise, Republican State Rep. Mark Honadel scored third from the bottom in with a score of thirty six percent. Now what does that score mean? It means Rep. Honadel voted in favor of key conservation bills only thirty six percent of the time. As I said, it should surprise no one that Rep. Honadel consistently votes against conservation, but given the makeup of the 21st District, one would expect his record on conservation to be a little better than third from the bottom.

Switching gears while still focusing on the 21st Assembly District, I’ve been able to confirm Democratic candidate Glen Brower has raised over $20,000 since announcing his candidacy, closing the gap between himself and Rep. Honadel, who had just over $30,000 cash on hand in June. Raising $20,000 can’t be seen as anything but a tremendously good sign for Brower’s campaign, and in a year that is obviously trending towards Democrats, it can’t be viewed as a good sign for Rep. Honadel.


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