The Blasphemy of the Right

EXODUS 20:7 “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.”

As a Catholic, I’ve often thought blasphemy to be a nasty business, and I’ve blogged a little bit about the predilection some folks on the right, like James “Hip Musings” Harris, for referring to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as the “Obamessiah” and the “Chocolate Jesus,” but Peter DiGaudio of Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger has taken his personal blasphemy in regards to Barack Obama to a whole new level.

Now I don’t proclaim to be the most devout Catholic on the face of planet Earth, but it seems to me there are some lines that just shouldn’t be crossed, and referring to Barack Obama – or any other political candidate or public figure – as “Chocolate Jesus” or “The Anointed One” is definitely a line I wouldn’t cross, but apparently folks like James T. Harris and Peter DiGaudio aren’t as concerned as I am about the implications of being a serial blasphemer.


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5 thoughts on “The Blasphemy of the Right

  1. Aparently you don’t see the near Mesiah status people are placing on Obama. He is a neophyte being hoisted on an empty message.

    It makes a political point about people on your side. It is also an effective point which means people like you have to attack the people making said point instead of dealing with what it is actually saying.

    I assure you, Harris, nor DiGaudio think of him as their Mesiah. The question is, do you?

  2. The issue isn’t whether James or Peter think of Obama as their Messiah; it’s the fact that calling him the Messiah and “Chocolate Jesus” is blasphemy.

  3. Perhaps the Drive By Media should have thought of that before they started portraying him in words and pictures as the Second Coming of Christ, pictures even complete with halos and orgasmic prose. It’s ripe for parody and response.

  4. Peter, are you trying to blame the so-called “drive by media” for your decision to engage in blasphemy? I’m just curious…

  5. Zach,

    Not everyone is a Catholic, nor a Christian. That said, I have to agree with “Fred” on this one regarding the near Messiah status Obama is receiving rather than being thought of as a political candidate.

    “Chocolate Jesus”…ridiculous. Messiah…I don’t consider that blasphemy.

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