Is Pawlenty McCain’s Choice?

Deke Rivers is wondering if Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is Senator John McCain’s choice as a running mate, and I’m wondering the same thing. Pawlenty has canceled media interviews he had previously been scheduled to do, and Minnesota news outlets are speculating Pawlenty’s the choice. Personally, I think the selection of Pawlenty as Sen. McCain’s running mate would be a boon for the Democratic ticket, because Pawlenty strikes me as a slightly less intelligent 2008 Republican version of former Vice President Al Gore, only without Gore’s charisma.

If Pawlenty does end up as McCain’s running mate, I would have to seriously wonder what was going through John McCain’s head the moment he made the decision. Pawlenty brings little to the ticket other than a record as a solid conservative. He’s not likely to swing Minnesota into McCain’s column, nor is he likely to have a huge impact in surrounding states like Iowa and Wisconsin, so what exactly would he bring to the ticket? Then again, if Pawlenty is McCain’s choice, the VP debate between he and Joe Biden sure will be sight to see.


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