Conservatives can’t be comfortable in Wisconsin

Since Wisconsin is a swing state, conservatives are going all out in trying to reassure you, the potential undecided voter reading this post, that McCain will win this state in November.

Not so fast! I for one know that conservatives can’t possibly be this excited behind closed doors in our state. Why do I say this? Because within the past 2 weeks, my home received a grand total of ten (10) absentee ballot applications from either the McCain campaign or the Wisconsin Republican Party. Six (6) of them came in today’s mail, addressed to my step-dad, my mom, and myself.

What really puzzles me is the fact that every voting member of my household got two ballot applications per mailing!* Talk about a massive waste of paper in that respect, especially if every voter are getting these mailings. Sorry, but I don’t need 4 ballot applications…and if I did need ONE I can handle the 5 minute drive to Franklin City Hall and fill one out personally.

If anything this tells me conservatives are scrounging for McCain voters in Wisconsin. Considering that the Obama campaign or the Wisconsin Democratic Party haven’t sent out ANY mailers with absentee ballot applications yet, it goes to show who’s confident in winning this state in November and who’s running solely on desparate measures.


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4 thoughts on “Conservatives can’t be comfortable in Wisconsin

  1. Wisconsin won’t go for McCain. Wisconsin hasn’t voted for a Republican for president since 1984 if I’m not mistaken, and this year will be no exception.

  2. What they’re not telling you is that most of those sent by the McCain campaign go to the wrong clerk’s office and are causing confusion and extra work for the already swamped clerk’s offices around the state.

    We are afraid that people sending them in will get them in too late to transfer the requests to the correct office!

    Check them and let me know if they happen to have the wrong return address on them!

  3. I haven’t gotten one, but I’m wondering if we could just send them out empty so that it costs McCain.

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