McCain Snubs Letterman, Lies About the Reason

How stupid does Sen. John McCain think people are?

I think it’s a question that’s worth asking, and I’d love to hear Sen. McCain’s answer. After all, Sen. McCain must think people are stupid, given how he continues to lie and flip-flop with impunity, as if people are either stupid, not paying attention, or just don’t care. I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about Sen. McCain’s myriad of flip-flops on issues big and small, but I think Sen. McCain’s behavior towards late night comedian David Letterman takes the cake. To briefly summarize, Sen. McCain was set to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman, but on the day of the taping, Sen. McCain called Letterman personally to cancel his appearance, citing the current economic crisis. Here’s a little more of the back story:

Mr. Letterman told his audience that Senator McCain had called him directly on short notice Wednesday, to tell him he had to cancel his appearance. After expressing his admiration for Mr. McCain and his sacrifice as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, Mr. Letterman said, “When you call up at the last minute and cancel, that’s not the John McCain I know.” He repeated that “something smells right now” and he suggested “somebody must have put something in his Metamucil.”

Mr. Letterman said Mr. McCain had said the economy was “about to crater” which necessitated that he get to Washington right away. Mr. Letterman then suggested that McCain should not be suspending his campaign at all and that he could have “sent in the second-string quarterback,” his vice presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, to fill in for him. “You don’t quit,” Mr. Letterman said.

And here’s some video. It’s about 9 minutes long, but it’s worth every minute.

John McCain ought to be ashamed of himself, and for his behavior he wins my Idiot of the Week award.


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