A few random thoughts

  • Tonight’s vice presidential debate is going to be a train wreck; it just remains to be seen which candidate will be the victim of the wreck. I’m betting my money on Gov. Sarah Palin coming out of the debate as the clear loser, no matter how low the McCain campaign tries to lower the bar for her.
  • Good for Sen. Russ Feingold for standing up and voting against the $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan. I’m glad at least one of my Senators voting against coming to the rescue of big businesses that made bad decisions.
  • There’s news Sen. John McCain is pulling out of Michigan in the face of sagging poll numbers. Obviously that’s not a good sign for the McCain campaign, and I’m willing to bet we’ll see more of these stories as McCain’s numbers continue to slide.
  • Looks like there might be frost coming in the next few nights.
  • Republican Congressman (and former presidential candidate) Ron Paul is scheduled to speak at a John Birch Society event in Appleton on Saturday. That’s a curious speaking engagement for a man who’s denied he’s a racist.
  • I know I’ve pretty harsh towards Sarah Palin, but at least we liberals aren’t alone in thinking Gov. Palin is not qualified to assume the presidency if required.

  • I’d like to add another contributor to Blogging Blue. Anyone got any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “A few random thoughts

  1. John Steinbeck is a great writer but I think he’s too dead to post regularly. Kurt Vonnegut is probably out for the same reason.

    Is Seth Zlotchka looking for a place to air his views?

  2. Well, I bet you could get any of the people from the Fisch Bowl, if you aren’t too particular about spelling and punctuation.

  3. Ooooh, well then, I guess that leaves most of them out. I suppose you want factual, as well. Oops, there goes the rest of them.

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