In yet another sign that Rep. Mark Honadel’s (R-21st District) re-election campaign is in trouble, the College Republicans of Wisconsin held a pair of “CRAAM” events this weekend in the 21st and 22nd Assembly Districts. CRAAM, which stands for College Republicans Assisting Assembly Majority, are part of a statewide effort to aide Republican candidates in winning their Assembly races. College Republicans from Marquette, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Ripon converged on the 21st and 22nd Assembly Districts to distribute literature and make phone calls for Yash Wadwha in the 22nd Assembly District while aiding Rep. Honadel in his reelection bid in the 21st Assembly District. The fact that Rep. Honadel has had to enlist the help of College Republicans to bolster his sagging campaign speaks volumes about the trouble he’s in, but given the poor job Rep. Honadel has done representing the citizens of the 21st Assembly District, it’s no surprise he finds himself in a tough fight against a strong candidate in Glen Brower.

Change is long overdue in the 21st District, and come November 4, the citizens of the 21st District will have the change we want and deserve when we elect Glen Brower to serve as our Representative.


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