Linda Flashinski for State Assembly

Though I don’t live in Wisconsin’s 63rd Assembly District, I’d like to take a moment to
highlight the campaign of Linda Flashinski, a Democrat running to unseat Republican incumbent Rep. Robin Vos.

Linda has lived in Racine with her husband Stan since 1976, and their four children are all graduates of the Racine Unified School District. For over six years, Linda has been a radio host for “Education Matters” and “Community Matters” on WGTD 91.1FM, and she has also served as Director of Communication for Racine Unified, and Adjunct Instructor at Gateway Technical College, and a teacher at Parkside’s College for Kids. In addition to her wealth of experience, Linda has been endorsed by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, Wisconsin Progressive Majority, the Wisconsin Social Workers PAC of the National Association of Social Workers, the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, the Sierra Club, and the Wisconsin Education Association Council. In addition, Linda has been endorsed by a number of labor unions from the Racine area.

Linda Flashinski would be a great choice to replace Rep. Robin Vos, a Republican extremist, in Wisconsin’s 63rd Assembly District.


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1 thought on “Linda Flashinski for State Assembly

  1. I’m voting for Obama, but I’m not voting for Linda Flashinski. I thought Linda was going to be a fresh voice, but the postcard her campain sent me yesterday really disappointed me. Two sentences in, she said “Like you, I’m a middle class taxpayer”. Does she really think everyone she sent this to is middle class? Does she even know what “middle class” means?

    My husband plows her neighbor’s driveway on her block and her neighbor runs Twin Disc. My husband also plows Jim Macilvane’s driveway in the same neighborhood and he’s a retired NBA player! I know some of the other people in that neighborhood and Linda Flashinski is surrounded by doctors and lawyers.

    I don’t know what Linda Flashinski thinks “middle class” is, but I think it’s the people who work at Twin Disc, not the people who run it. I don’t think doctors are “middle class” either, but there patients are.

    I don’t know how many real middle class people could afford to live in Linda Flashinski’s neighborhood. I don’t have a problem with Linda’s family being wealthy, but I wish she wouldn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. I now realize she’s just like all the other politicians, telling us whatever they think we want to hear.

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