Trouble in paradise?!?

All’s not well in GOP-land, with the latest bad news for the McCain/Palin campaign coming in the form of an attack by former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, who said in an interview with the New York Times would be difficult for Mr. McCain to win in his state but not impossible, particularly if he campaigned in conservative Democratic parts of the state. Questioned if he was happy with the campaign being run by Sen. McCain, Gov. Thompson replied, “No,” before adding, “I don’t know who is.” Interestingly enough, Gov. Thompson’s comments came fresh on the heels of a two day, three-stop McCain/Palin swing through Wisconsin, in which Gov. Thompson served as McCain’s warm-up-act, so it should be disconcerting to the McCain/Palin campaign (and to voters) that Gov. Thompson’s comments come after he spent two days seeing and hearing the McCain/Palin campaign up close and personal.

As if Gov. Thompson’s comments criticizing Sen. McCain’s campaign weren’t bad enough, the Times article also cited dissatisfaction with Sen. McCain’s campaign in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state in this election:

In Pennsylvania, Robert A. Gleason Jr., the state Republican chairman, said he was concerned that Mr. McCain’s increasingly aggressive tone was not working with moderate voters and women in the important southeastern part of a state that is at the top of Mr. McCain’s must-win list.

“They’re not as susceptible to attack ads,” Mr. Gleason said. “I worry about the southeast. Obama is making inroads.”

Yeah, all’s definitely not well within the GOP these days…


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