Why couldn’t he go for the jugular?

After nearly a week of really intense attacks by Republican presidential nominee John McCain and his campaign surrogates against Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, I almost expected Sen. McCain to continue those attacks during last night’s debates. I was waiting for references to Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright that never came, and when the debate was finished, I couldn’t help but wonder why Sen. McCain didn’t keep up the attacks he and his campaign have been using in an attempt to “turn the page” on the economy as issue #1 in the 2008 campaign.

So why couldn’t Sen. McCain go for the jugular in last night’s debate? Was it because he’s still got a shred of honor left, or was it because he just didn’t have the nerve to attack Sen. Obama when they were face to face? John Cole thinks Sen. McCain couldn’t own up to his own remarks, calling Sen. McCain a “sad, pathetic, small man.”

H/T to The Brawler.


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