My election night disappointment

It goes without saying that I’m elated that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are our nation’s next President and Vice Presisdent, but my election night elation over the success of the Democratic ticket was tempered by news this morning that 21st Assembly District candidate Glen Brower narrowly lost to incumbent Republican Mark Honadel. Rep. Honadel prevailed by just over 600 votes out of approximately 28,800 cast, for a margin of victory of two percent (51% to 49%).

To say I’m disappointed in this outcome is an understatement, but it just motivates me to do more to help turn the 21st District Democratic in 2010. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to play a more active role in the next Democratic challenger’s campaign, but if not, I’ll continue to blog the truth about Rep. Honadel and why he needs to be voted out of office.


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