Random Monday tidbits

Just a few random political tidbits that caught my eye today…

  • Fox News announced today Hannity and Colmes are splitting up. After 12 years, Alan Colmes is leaving “Hannity & Colmes” at the end of the year, leaving Sean Hannity to go it alone. Something tells me we won’t see the addition of another “liberal” to take Colmes’ place on the show, leaving us with just “Hannity.”
  • The speculation as to who would succeed Vice President-elect Joe Biden in the United States Senate is over, with Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner appointing Ted Kaufman as Biden’s replacement until 2010. Kaufman is Joe Biden’s longtime senior adviser, currently serving as the co-chair of Biden’s transition team in addition to having spent roughly 20 years as Biden’s Senate chief of staff. Obviously the appointment of Kaufman to fill Biden’s seat means we’ll likely see Senator Beau Biden in 2010.
  • I’m encouraged by news president-elect Obama has named Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Geithner’s gotten good marks for his performance as chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, and investors have already responded positively to news of Geithner’s appointment, with Wall Street finishing up for two consecutive days.
  • And finally, it looks like New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has been tapped as president-elect Obama’s Commerce Secretary. Considering Richardson served as Energy Secretary under President Clinton and was once considered a possible running mate and Secretary of State for Obama, Commerce Secretary seems like a step down. Then again, Richardson can’t run for a third term as governor of New Mexico due to term limits, so I suppose he’s just trying to guarantee he’s got a job past 2010.

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