Rep. Mark Honadel: working for “everybody”

Fresh off his re-election as the 21st Assembly District’s Representative, Mark Honadel says he’s ready to serve everybody in his district:

State Rep. Mark Honadel wants residents of the 21st Assembly District to know he is at their service, especially the 14,000 who voted for his opponent, Glen Brower.

Honadel won re-election Nov. 4. A Republican and a lifelong resident of the district, Honadel said he will make himself available to voters who would like to discuss policy.

“Pick up the phone and let’s talk about it, because I’m at your service,” Honadel said. “I’m here to serve everybody.

Yeah, Rep. Honadel is here to serve everybody, unless “everybody” happens to be the parent of an autistic child or if “everybody” happens to include those folks whocares about safe and clean communities.

The fact is, Rep. Mark Honadel doesn’t work for everybody in his district; he’s really only working for those folks who support and agree with his far-right beliefs.


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