Bob Donovan, professional grandstander

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan never met publicity he didn’t like, and as a result of the recent snowfall, which has resulted in clogged streets across Milwaukee, Alderman Donovan has taken it upon himself blast city public works officials for failing to tow stranded cars which were blocking streets. However, according to Patrick Curley, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s chief of staff, Alderman Donovan was briefed about the situation at 11 a.m., which would be 2 1/2 hours before Donovan’s 1:30 p.m. news conference on Friday.

So if Alderman Donovan knew the situation was being dealt with, I’m left to wonder – as is capper over at Cognitive Dissidence – why is Bob Donovan still talking?

Over the years, Donovan has been one of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s harshest critics, and I’m wondering why Donovan hasn’t put his money where his big mouth is an run for mayor himself. If Donovan thinks Mayor Barrett has done such a poor job as mayor, then why hasn’t he taken the initiative to run for mayor?


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4 thoughts on “Bob Donovan, professional grandstander

  1. I think it was all the hot air that Donovan spewed yesterday that melted all the snow today.

    But if he was so bloody worried about the snow, why didn’t he pick up a shovel and get to work?

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