You heard it here first…

Meg Jones of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday that in December 2006, Deputy Thomas Hutchins was ordered by a Milwaukee County circuit judge not to phone or threaten his former wife, Mary Hutchins, and to stay at least 200 feet away from her and her home. While the fact that Deputy Hutchins is the subject of a Harassment Restraining Order is certainly newsworthy, I’d just like to note I reported that fact a day earlier than Meg Jones.

This is the first time I’ve “broken” something newsworthy, and while it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it still makes me feel good to know I broke part of a story before the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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2 thoughts on “You heard it here first…

  1. Actually, you didn’t break the story. You looked up a ccap record as I am sure the reporter did. The difference is you didn’t take the time to go down to the court house and do the research that is necessary before you speculated on your blog that it was the same person. Big difference there, but whatever.

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