Burris to be seated as U.S. Senator

It looks like the Roland Burris saga is finally coming to a close, as Senate Democrats have accepted Burris’ credentials, paving the way for Burris to be sworn in as the junior senator from Illinois by the end of this week. Burris being seated as the junior senator from Illinois will put an end to what’s largely been a huge embarrassment for Senate Democrats, and if I were a betting man, I’d say Sen. Harry Reid’s days as Senate Majority Leader are now numbered. In my opinion, Sen. Reid grossly underestimated his adversary – in this case embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich – and in choosing to make public statements that anyone chosen by Gov. Blagojevich would not be seated by the Senate, Sen. Reid for all intents and purposes dared Gov. Blagojevich to call his bluff. Once Gov. Blagojevich called his bluff and appointed Roland Burris to fill the vacant Illinois senate seat, Sen. Reid must have known he would have not choice but to seat Burris, and in doing so he’d lose a fair measure of credibility as a leader in the Senate.

Mark my words; it won’t be long before Sen. Harry Reid is out as Senate Majority Leader, and as someone who’s never been a fan of Sen. Reid, that moment can’t come fast enough.


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