It’s called satire…

…but apparently Peter DiGaudio doesn’t understand what that means. In a recent blog entry, Peter is whipped into a frenzy about a report that members of the United States military will soon be pledging allegiance to President Barack Obama rather than the U.S. Constitution. Curiously, Peter seems to believe the blog entry that first reported story of military members swearing allegiance to President Obama as the gospel truth, despite the fact that the blog entry is clearly labeled with a tag indicating it’s satire. What’s more, the report has already been debunked, another fact that Peter overlooked in his haste to attack President Obama.

Perhaps satire is lost on poor Peter, but it’s not lost on me, and the very notion that the Obama would require military members to swear allegiance to President Obama and not to the U.S. Constitution is absolutely laughable. Tim over at the Other Side has the over-under on Peter removing his post at 24 hours, and I’m inclined to believe it won’t be that long.


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7 thoughts on “It’s called satire…

  1. His entire blog is unintentional satire, so it’s no surprise that he fails to recognize it when he sees it elsewhere.

  2. His post is now closed to comments, after I made at least three. Peter knows this story is false. He’s not an idiot; he’s dishonest.

  3. Mike, I’m not surprised at all that he closed comments.

    Peter’s clearly off his meds again, as evidenced by his comparison of emergency housing camps to concentration camps.

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