Lena Taylor makes news

On Tuesday, I noted State Senator Lena Taylor made Milwaukee Magazine’s list of the worst legislators in Wisconsin, I noted I was no fan of Sen. Taylor’s. At the risk of jeopardizing my standing as a liberal, I’ll just say that I find Sen. Taylor to be a less than impressive legislator and campaigner, and I think her constituents would be better served with someone more effective.

Sen. Taylor is also good at generating news, and not necessarily in a good way:

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn decided Thursday to reinstate a traffic ticket against state Sen. Lena Taylor after the Milwaukee Democrat had successfully lobbied lower-ranking officials to drop it.

Taylor was pulled over during rush hour Friday evening after police said they witnessed her crossing the center line and driving southbound in the northbound lane so she could pull into a driveway at 1018 N. 35th St., according to the ticket. The officer who wrote the ticket described Taylor as “very argumentative” at the scene, saying she appeared to be trying to “provoke an argument” with the officers.

Sources say the senator contacted authorities at the 3rd District headquarters to complain about the ticket. Acting Capt. Edith Hudson later dropped the traffic ticket against Taylor.

So here’s the recap: State Senator gets pulled over for violating traffic laws. Said State Senator becomes “very argumentative” and appears to be trying to “provoke an argument,” and follows up her police contact with a call to a supervisor to have the ticket dropped. That sure sounds kinda shady to me, and I’d love to know more about the conversation between State Senator Taylor and Captain Edith Hudson of MPD, because I’m willing to bet Sen. Taylor made sure to mention her standing as a State Senator in her conversation with Capt. Hudson.


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5 thoughts on “Lena Taylor makes news

  1. Get a life Milw. Mag. At lease she’s not afraid to voice what she’s thinking. tell of the good she is doing holding and teaching and holing classes on Sat. and Sud. at her church helping and feeding the homeless,hundreds of people she cooks for, she’s and excellant cook, for large groups.Plus she’s available to anyone, call her office. I know this since she first opened her eyes,on this earth. And all her encounter

    1. Ms. Taylor, while I can understand why you’d defend Sen. Taylor, her behavior towards two Milwaukee Police officers who were just doing their jobs is questionable, to say the least, as is her use of her position to attempt to get out of the ticket.

  2. How do you know this what went down?????????? they cover up use their positions on differant situations.That don’t get into Betty’s Mag. You’re just accepting they are telling the truth and I know for a fact and know her lying is not her make up.

  3. Hey! Leave my homegirl alone. She too cool in my eye. Helps, feeds, houses the homeless, even me at one time. I send my blessings to the love house, much love and respect to her moms too.

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