Stay classy, Tom Nardelli!

In an email sent to Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors member Joe Sanfelippo, a conservative-leaning backer of County Executive Scott Walker, Walker’s chief of staff, Tom Nardelli, referred to the board as a “sea of stupidity:”

“The county is very fortunate to have someone of your caliber serving in office,” Nardelli gushed.

“God knows you are an island in a sea of stupidity,” Nardelli wrote.

When asked to comment on the email, Nardelli he wasn’t suggesting the rest of the board was stupid; he said he was simply referring to things “in general.” However, when Supervisor Sanfelippo was asked,
he was clear he took Nardelli’s email to mean the rest of the board was stupid.

Stay classy, Tom Nardelli….stay classy!


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