The best & the worst

The latest issue of Milwaukee Magazine is out on newstands and available on the internet, and Marc Eisen has a great feature highlighting the best and worst of Wisconsin’s legislators. Among the worst? State Senator Mary Lazich, of whom the article says:

Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin): “Everybody hates her, even the Republicans. She’s just an idiot,” says a liberal-cause lobbyist.

As for Republicans, one GOP foot soldier says Lazich, 56, is flat-out cuckoo: “Literally nuts.” Conservative activists like him despise Lazich for lying about a GOP leadership vote and for duplicitous statements on the ill-fated Taxpayers Bill of Rights legislation. “There may be no legislator taken less seriously by her colleagues,” he asserts.

“One never knows what she will do or why,” sighs another observer. “Mary’s vision doesn’t extend beyond her own short-sightedness.”

Also among the worst legislators in Wisconsin according to the feature? State Senator (and former County Exec. candidate) Lena Taylor:

Sen. Lena Taylor, (D-Milwaukee): She’s no Gwen Moore, who, despite her occasionally rancorous style, was “brilliant and knew state law back to front,” says an admiring staffer. With Moore’s promotion to Congress, Taylor stepped up to the state Senate from the Assembly. Too bad for Milwaukee.

“She has absolutely no depth of understanding,” says a conservative-minded lobbyist. “And she’s tiresome. It’s just awful to have to listen to her talk and talk.” A liberal-minded lobbyist calls her “bombastic and egotistical. You can’t have a conversation without her reminding you she’s an attorney.”

A veteran trade group representative faults Taylor for “never stopping to understand the issue, because she already has the answer.” She’s “all bluster, with no substance,” says another observer.

I’ve never been a fan of Lena Taylor, and though I considered her the lesser of two evils in the County Executive race, I’m glad to see she’s been included as one of Wisconsin’s worst legislators, because it’s an honor she surely deserves.


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