Belling: Breastfeeding moms are “sows”

I don’t listen to talk radio here in the Milwaukee area, mostly because I work too hard to spend my day listening to the radio, so I’d like to thank Dan Cody for keeping track of what’s being said on our airwaves.

While ranting against a breast feeding rights law that has been proposed by a Wisconsin lawmaker, Mark Belling of WISN compared women who breast feed their children to “sows.” If you’d like, you can listen to the audio for yourself. What bothered me most about Belling’s rant against women who breastfeed was his characterization of women who may breastfeed their children in public as “women who get off on behaving like sows,” as if women who breastfeed are deviants who get some sort of perverse pleasure out of feeding their children as women have been doing since who knows when. There are benefits to both mother and child when it comes to breastfeeding as opposed to feeding a child formula, and it’s a shame that Mark Belling is either unaware – or simply doesn’t care about – the benefits of breastfeeding.

If you think Mark Belling crossed a line when he labeled women who breastfeed as sows, take a moment to call WISN 1130 or its local sponsors to let them know you strongly disapprove of this kind of hateful speech. Their number is (414) 545-8900.

H/T to Dan Cody.


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2 thoughts on “Belling: Breastfeeding moms are “sows”

  1. your taking it totally out of context. he was saying that women will take advantage of this law and act like sows in public breatfeeding where ever they want just for fun.

  2. derrek, I didn’t take it out of context, but since you mentioned it, I’m wondering how many women you know breastfeed “just for fun.”

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