How does a statewide campaign spend only $500 in 6 months?

I’d like to know how Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Randy Koschnick only spent a little over $570 on his campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court for the period from July to December of 2008. Granted, Koschnick wasn’t an official candidate until November of 2008, but how did he only manage to spend $570 on his statewide campaign in November and December 2008? Perhaps Koschnick is just exercising “judicial restraint” in the face of weak fundraising that saw Koschnick raise only $14,715 last year, a far cry from the $822,604 raised over the same period by the campaign of Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

On Jan. 1, the Abrahamson campaign reported cash on hand of $696,100, while the Koschnick campaign reported cash on hand of $14,160. Commenting on the Koschnick campaign’s fundraising, campaign advisor Seamus Flahert said, “We are on course to meet our goals both in terms of fundraising and broadening support.” I suppose if the Koschnick campaign’s goal is to raise under $10,000 dollars a month and get outraised nearly 55 to 1, then they’re right on track!

However, getting back to the $570 spent by the Koschnick campaign, I’d love to hear someone explain how it’s possible to run a legitimate statewide campaign and only spend $285 per month.


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3 thoughts on “How does a statewide campaign spend only $500 in 6 months?

  1. How do you organize without Millions? It’s called tremendous grass roots support! Koschnick has an army of dedicated selfless organizers behind him that know he stands for all Wisconsinites. He is right for Wisconsin at a time when we need change. Shirley has a lot of “big’s” behind her but lacks the support of the common man. She has Big labor WEAC (the crazy liberal extremist union who have set aside $4 million for her advertising campaign alone), a lot of individual big business in Madison and multiple entities she has under her control)…she owes a lot of people for those millions….. and she HAS to pay millions to put lipstick on that campaign so no one finds out who she really is…. We all have just one vote and even Shirley’s activist minions won’t be able to stop what’s right prevailing over her WRONG. It is also quit obvious to everyone she won’t stay for 10 more years…she physically and mentally can’t….it is a set up for an appointment and even her voters don’t know who will fill that role in 12-24 months. That is a huge unknown for all of us! This election is really a David vs. Goliath battle. We all know who wins that battle….RIGHT!

  2. ” It is also quit obvious to everyone she won’t stay for 10 more years…she physically and mentally can’t”

    Koschnick mentally can’t now. He gets reversed after presiding over a traffic citations and then calls it a tough case. If you think he’s a judicial conservative, you’ve got another thing coming. Look at his cases. What judicial conservative ignores the law and then makes up his own to reach a result? Yet that is exactly what Koschnick did in Jefferson County v. Demler.

    His excuse: “trial judges are busy and don’t always give the right “magic words” in decisions.” Actually, “magic words” are called the law, and if he thinks the he’s too busy as a trial court judge, he should keep in mind that the supreme court receives 1000 petitions for review a year.

    I’ve reached my conclusion. actually watch an oral argument, read the decisions, read between the lines of the rhetoric and reach your own.


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