Isn’t he supposed to be nonpartisan?!?

Isn’t the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court race supposed to be nonpartisan?

I ask because it sure seems like judge Randy Koschnick isn’t afraid to fly his flag as a proud Republican. Case in point is his recent appearance at an event on February 8th to rally GOP members from Green, Rock and Walworth counties Sunday night in Janesville. Judge Koschnick is also scheduled to appear alongside noted conservatives Scott Walker, Rose Fernandez, Vicki McKenna, and Rep. Paul Ryan at the Wisconsin “Defending the American Dream” Summit on March 7th in Milwaukee.

I always thought judges were supposed to be nonpartisan, but I guess judge Randy Koschnick takes a more liberal view than I do of what it means to be nonpartisan.


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6 thoughts on “Isn’t he supposed to be nonpartisan?!?

  1. Oh goodness Cory, it is an awful thing for a candidate to go somewhere that people might actually be gathered….

    By the way waiting on your condemnation of Justice Abrahamson for taking money from lawyers with cases pending in front of her….

  2. Fred, save your selective outrage. Koschnick has presided over cases in which the attorneys were donors to his circuit court campaign, so unless you’ve going to condemn him for that, stop being a hypocrite.

    Courtesy of Eye on Wisconsin:

    1999 campaign finance documents identify at least 8 attorneys that donated to then-candidate for Jefferson County Judge, Randy Koschnick. Of those 8 attorneys, 6 of them went on to have cases before Koschnick after he won that election. Those attorneys are John Dade, Samuel Benedict, Steven Luchsinger, Lee Leverton, Ronald W. Ziwisky and John (Jack) Chavez. Koschnick’s contributions from just these 6 attorneys represent nearly 40 percent of money raised during that campaign.

    And there’s more!

    It also appears that at least one of the above attorneys also had cases before Koschnick in which he was listed as the plaintiff. Ronald W. Ziwisky had at least two eviction cases before Koschnick. In one of them Koschnick actually granted his donors motion for additional monetary judgment against the defendant. Using Judge Koschnick’s current standard, was this appropriate? Did he notify the other parties of the campaign contribution from Ziwisky?

    I’m waiting for your condemnation Fred!

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