Koschnick endorsed by cop killer

This just speaks for itself:

in a letter sent from prison to The Associated Press, notorious cop killer Ted Oswald endorsed Judge Randy Koschnick’s candidacy for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Needless to say, Oswald’s endorsement of Koschnick locks up the cop killer vote block for Koschnick…


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3 thoughts on “Koschnick endorsed by cop killer

  1. You must have enjoyed this one.

    I wonder if anyone went to Oswald and asked him to give an endorsement hoping it would hurt Judge Koschnick in this election??

  2. Anon, I won’t say I enjoyed it; I just think it’s ironic, given how Louis Butler was viciously attacked for his time spent as a public defender by the same folks who are now assisting Judge Koschnick’s campaign.

    I’ve encountered a great many public defenders and prosecutors in the course of my job, and I value the work they all do, because our system is better for it.

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