A thought on the new WI tourism logo/slogan

Have you seen the new Wisconsin tourism logo? If not, then you’re not really missing much in my opinion:

The logo was created by Milwaukee marketing communications firm Red Brown Klé, and there’s no mention in the JournalSentinel on how much the logo set the state back, but no matter what the dollar amount, it was too much. I’m not a professional graphic designer, but the font is odd and I don’t really understand the significance of the person doing a handstand. Considering how much natural beauty our state has to offer tourists, it’s disappointing the logo didn’t incorporate some of that natural beauty into this logo.

And as horrible as the new Wisconsin tourism logo is, the slogan’s even worse, as it echos a marketing campaign and slogan used by Bacardi Rum.


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11 thoughts on “A thought on the new WI tourism logo/slogan

  1. The upside-down guy reminds me of a break dancer. You know,,,what Wisconsin is soooo known for {sarcasm on}.

    gemme a beat….ohhhh, here’s a lil story you know so well about our state’s new logo you know so well. It started way back in history, with ad firm blah, guv doyle, and me Rich P.

    We got da fun, we got da brew, you got two choices of wat you can do. It’s not a deposition as you can see, we can Live Like we Mean It or we coulda saved tha FEE!!!

  2. Rich, we should have saved the fee. Heck, I’m willing to bet I could have come up with a new logo and slogan for far less than $50,000.

  3. I agree.

    Feel free to edit as you see fit 🙂

    I just slapped it together in a minute

  4. Hey Zach, back up your statement. Why don’t you come up with a new logo and slogan? Show us how good it is. I’m indifferent to the one they came up with, but I have a feeling you and others would find some way to criticize it no matter what they came out with.

  5. Even this addresses tourism better than “live like you mean it”:

    Wisconsin….Cheaper than Florida, better than nuthin

  6. This state has a serious lack of imagination and creativity if this is the best that we can come up with for a new tourism slogan and logo.

    What is the one thing WI has that attracts people? Water. We are bordered by 2 of the Great Lakes and the St Croix and Mississippi Rivers. We have thousands of inland lakes, rivers and streams. In total, thousands of miles of shoreline. Yet the state continually fails to promote this in any meaningful way.

    The state should have sponsored a public contest for a new tourism slogan as well as a new license plate design that actually promotes that tourism slogan. We haven’t been “America’s Dairyland” for several years now and our current license plate design shows the same apathy and lack of imagination.

    I have no background in marketing or graphic arts but I created this in Photoshop to show how easily this could have been done. The plate slogan I used capitalizes on one of our state’s greatest assets.

    The full size image can be found here:

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