An update on Wisconsin’s new tourism logo

Not only is the state of Wisconsin’s new tourism logo making news here in Wisconsin, it’s also making news nationally (emphasis mine):

[M]otivational speakers, authors and even wine and spirit maker Bacardi have already used the phrase in marketing campaigns. Some critics who aren’t thrilled the state is adopting their slogan may oppose its attempt to get federal trademark protections on it or even take legal action.

“They are not going to get a federal trademark. I just wanted to let them know that,” said Ellyn Luros-Elson, a Napa, Calif., dietitian who is co-author of a 2006 book by that name. “It doesn’t make sense the state is going to use something they know has already been put out there.”

So in addition to being a poorly done logo and slogan, we’ll now likely see legal challenges as well.

Yeah, that $50,000 was money well spent!


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3 thoughts on “An update on Wisconsin’s new tourism logo

  1. I’m still stuck on the upside-down guy. If he’s not a breakdancer, then maybe he’s doing a keg stand?? Then the tag line should have been “Wisconsin…BIG Party School!”

    But realistically, I think “Wisconsin…Cheaper than Florida! and better than nuthin”……would have been a more direct message to tourists.

  2. I think the logo is very square. As in “It’s not hip to be square-not since 1986 at least (when, in fact, breakdancing was popular…)” Still, I’m willing to give is a try.

    I’m not giving much to the trademark challenges — there was Madonna before Madonna, there are at least 5 CDs and books called “Natural Selection” and there was an iPhone before the iPhone.

  3. Goatmaiden, the trademark challenges don’t really seem to me to be a big deal; I’d like to think the folks who came up with the slogan vetted it before they picked it. As for the logo, I just think it’s poorly done. For $50,000 we should have gotten something more dynamic.

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