Drinking Liberally

Tonight’s the night…..to Drink Liberally!

Come join like-minded liberals for libations and great conversations at Sugar Maple, located in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood:

O dear libruls and other such folk,

Time once again fast approaches the nearly unreadable certainty of untenable nearness, Drinking Liberally!! As if pig Latin sieved through a course of diffracted syllabication, being of course a discourse containing needless prolixity. (No, sir, I am NOT an English major, thank you very much…)

Assured you will rest that such things happen naught upon Drinking Liberally’s fair shores, though the D.L. happens upon Wednesdays the third at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Avenue in the lovely village formerly known as Bay View. And if this doesn’t keep you away, I don’t know what will!

Little known fact: having beer actually makes your amicable host speak more, not less, legibly. Come see this for yourself at this Wednesday’s Drinking Liberally!

(Batteries not included.)

I make no promises on whether or not I’ll be attending, as I have more important things to attend to, namely my five year-old’s first school concert!


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