How to improve MPS

Professor John McAdams has an easily solution for fixing all that ails Milwaukee Public Schools, while conveniently scapegoating teachers (and their union) in the process. In fact, McAdams says, “in large school districts, restrictive labor contracts have a very negative impact on academic achievement, particularly for minority students.”

However, while Prof. McAdams seems to think the teachers and their union are to blame, Jay Bullock over at Folkbum’s points out that getting rid of teachers unions would probably lead to the following chain of events:

  1. Show teachers that you’re not afraid to fire a bunch of them en masse (the “bad” ones, presumably)
  2. Slash pay and benefits for those that remain (a common proposed benefit of killing the union)
  3. Eliminate the remaining teachers’ ability to bargain together, as well as any job protection they may have had been counting on after seeing #1, above
  4. Then, magically, good teachers stay in, and more good teachers flock to, the most challenging district in the state to raise achievement

Because after all, logic would dictate that slashing pay and benefits for teachers is bound to lead to better teachers coming to MPS to work.

Or not.


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