Scott Jensen’s ties to MacIver Institute

Last week, Cory Liebmann from Eye on Wisconsin wrote about the launch of the MacIver Institute, a new right-wing organization, and Cory also made mention of former Republican Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen’s ties to MacIver. Cory noted Bruce Murphy from Milwaukee Magazine had been reporting for weeks that Jensen was helping get the MacIver Institute off the ground. Following Cory’s story, the following ran at

It has long been rumored that former GOP Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen would be associated with the group. But MacIver spokesman Bob Reddin said that while Jensen was one of many people to offer the organization assistance and guidance as it launched, he has no formal role. There are currently no plans to add him, either, Reddin said.

Seems pretty clear Scott Jensen’s not a part of MacIver, right? We;; here’s the catch: Scott Jensen wrote two press releases for MacIver. here’s a screen shot of one of the press releases, along with the document properties, which clearly show the author as Scott Jensen:

Click to enlarge
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Here’s a link to the actual PR I’ve got as a screen shot above,, and here’s a link to a second written by Scott Jensen. If Scott Jensen truly has no role with the MacIver Institute – as their spokesman says he doesn’t – then why did the MacIver Institute issue two press releases authored by Scott Jensen? Further, if Scott Jensen is involved with MacIver, why haven’t they just been honest about his involvement?

Something just doesn’t smell right about the MacIver Institute…

H/T to Cory Liebmann.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Jensen’s ties to MacIver Institute

  1. I don’t get it Zach. You’ll have to explain this a little more clearly for people like me that do not know what “screen shots” are…etc…if you don’t mind.

  2. Sorry Anon, I know I sometimes don’t do a great job of explaining. The image included in this post is an image of what happened when I right clicked on this press release. I figured I’d show folks that the PR was written by Scott Jensen, so they wouldn’t have to click the link if they didn’t want to.

  3. So…if I click on that link and then right click I will get that “screen shot” that you posted where it says “Author: Scott Jensen”?

  4. Yeah….that’s exactly what I was trying to say, but somehow I made the explanation more complicated than it needed to be.


  5. Wow…that’s amazing. Who would ever think to right click on a link? Is that a common occurrence to get a “screen shot” like that when you right click on press releases or did you just get lucky?

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