The Republican budget “solution”

Apparently, GOP “young gun” (the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s term, not mine) Paul Ryan thinks he’s got some bright ideas on how to improve President Barack Obama’s budget proposal. Predictably, shortly after Rep. Ryan unveiled his grand budget proposal, some on the right fell all over themselves to praise the proposal offered by Republicans:

A few weeks ago, we heard from our congressman Paul Ryan that he was currently working on the budget proposal to counter the President’s proposal.

Of course, the Democrats, including the President, just wanted to keep calling the Republicans the party of no, even though they had been told time and again that the alternative budget was coming.

It is here, Mr. President.

An alternative to massive increases in government spending, massive tax increases and a massive extension of government power has been proposed.

Having read the Republican budget proposal to counter President Obama’s proposal, I’m left wondering one thing: where’s the beef? What’s more, I’m not the only one wondering where the specific proposals from the Republican Party are. Sure, tax cuts are mentioned in the GOP’s “Republican Road to Recovery,” but some Republicans seem to think tax cuts are the solution to every problem.

Here’s some video of the Republicans unveiling their budget proposal:


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1 thought on “The Republican budget “solution”

  1. “…massive tax increases…”

    As if the stimulus package didn’t just pass one of the broadest tax cuts in American history, cosing $350 billion in tax cuts and covering 95% of Americans (which the full Obama budget would continue), and as if a 2.5% increase in taxes on the wealthy, putting it back to the levels of the Clinton days, is “massive”. If Republicans wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore, one need not look any further than such statements. Propose rolling back the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthy so they pay upwards of 70% again, at least they’d have some credibility in calling it “massive”.

    As far as their savior Ryan’s brilliant plan:

    No wonder they didn’t bother to include, you know, a deficit projection.

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