Because nothing says class at a GOP rally…

…like a sign accusing the President of the United States of wanting to engage in “white slavery:”

white slavery sign

And while I’m on the subject of the “teabag” rallies, here’s a progressive speaking truth to power at one of the “teabag” rallies in Pensacola, Florida:

H/T to Xoff.


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6 thoughts on “Because nothing says class at a GOP rally…

  1. How “classy” is it to crash someone else’s party AND take the stage? Attending and being curious, heck even taking pictures is fine with me but taking the stage?

    But thanks for being honest enough to show us at least one “progressive” that is so intolerant that he’d resort to tactics like this.

    And also, thanks for proving with video that he was peacefully allowed to speak his mind. In conrast, with the names that I’ve been called at dkos and other blogs, I’d be scaredy pants to attempt to take the mic from a progressive.

  2. dunno. I couldn’t take him seriously enough to listen. Exactly as if he were testifying truthfully! before Congress and grabbed a Senator’s mic and spouted the truth.

    I just couldn’t take someone like that seriously.

    But that’s just me and my kooky views on respect. I’m sure there are many other legitimate ways to view this.

  3. Rich, are you saying the guy who got up and spoke shouldn’t have simply because he’s a liberal? He was at a public event, and from what I can see he didn’t “grab” the mic from anyone, so I’m not understanding why he shouldn’t have been allowed to speak.

  4. Zach, are you saying that people cannot protest? People cannot see something differenet?

    It is truly sad that people like Janine Garofalo think the protest is because Obama is black! Just wait buyers remorse will set in.

    Where are the postive posts from you or your side on what Obama has done so far?

    Why is your side so stuck on just attacking what my side does, has done or is doing?

    Why? Zach, Why?

  5. Steve, when did I say people can’t protest? If you’d read what I’ve written, you’d know I’ve said exactly the opposite.

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